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Accelerate cancer research

Modern cancer research requires the analysis of immense data sets in order to identify the biological components responsible for cancerous behavior of tumor cells. The process of target identification is slow, iterative and unguided.

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3600 University, Montréal, QC, H3A 2T8



Homes that rise into the sky, opening to wide open balconies and the highest standard of care.  


Indigenous Hardwoods

Seamless indoor–outdoor living
Premium natural Stone
Amazing views
Best of West Coast art & sculptures
Expansive terraces for entertainment
Custom Italian cabinetry
Porcelain tile flooring
Energizing neighbourhood 
Charming walkways along the water 
Yoga & gym amenities
Inspiring trails for running
Exceptional dining experiences






Yoga Studio

Dining out


Retail Stores


Donati Development is one of Canada’s pre-eminent builder-developers. We have a reputation of having decades of experience and thousands of residences completed and sold. Donati Development is known for a high standing excellence, integrity, value, and community. Homeowners are guaranteed a quality home that is built to the highest standards.

The developer group is in alliance with Abenti Marketing. Donati Development is about making sound investments made with confidence. 



1280 Ambleside RD.
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B5

Please call 604.555.1100 or email info@vedaluxuryestates.com to book a private appointment.


Discover a Home Close to Nature
Our solution

Provide you with a targeted hypotheses generation tool

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms generate simple and understandable gene interaction networks to clearly identify the components responsible for the cancerous behavior of tumor cells

Informed Experiments

We distill the complexity of gene interaction networks with our AI algorithms to accelerate cancer research

How it works

Researchers come to us with their perturbed gene interaction networks of tumor cells

We run this information through our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning softwares

We distill the complexity of the network and help you identify key players in the biological process

Back in the lab, you test and efficiently validate this hypothesis 

Félix Proulx-Giraldeau

Thomas Rademaker

Allen Leary

Our team of 3 Ph.D. students specialized in Physics and Biology brings unique novel biophysical expertise applied to network analysis to distill the complexity of gene interaction networks

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Address: 3600 University, Montréal, QC, H3A 2T8

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